Clone Your Writing Style. Future-Proof Your Content.

Make AI text sound like your own writing, so you can future proof your content and not sound like a bot.


AI content = not future proof. Platforms can make 1000s of AI content disappear overnight.

Automating AI to write like you = infinitely scale your personality.

How's this work?

> Copy/paste your website's link

> AI learns your writing style*

> Turn AI text to your writing style

*Reserved for your own private use.

Straightforward Pricing

No mandatory, restrictive monthly subscriptions

1 simple plan.

Pay for what you'll use.

Get $8 (~10K words) to try us out. No credit card required.


500 words

  • Cost: $0
  • Default human voice provided.
  • Email Support


Unlimited Words

$8 To Start. No Credit Card Required

  • Default human voice provided.
  • Train AI to sound like you.
  • Training: $.0003/word
  • Text output: $.0008/word
  • Priority Support
  • API to humanize text


Auto AI content is already happening. But everyone knows because AI text sounds robotic. We're building a way to make AI text sound like you so you can clone your personality and be authentic at scale.
No. Any AI modeled after your writing style will be used only by you.
Yes! You can use our API to humanize text in bulk, and automatically.
Yes. But the "human voice" won't be in your voice.
Not right now. But in the future you'll be allowed to upload documents of your past writing instead of a website.
We recommend around 30K words (+/- 20%) to get the AI to write like you to the point where it can pass AI detectors for text in any niche. Around $7.2 to $10.8. Higher end of the spectum is better. Less is needed if you need the AI to write in the same niche as the website you're training the AI on (around 20K words).
It's a Japanese rice cake made of mochigome, a short-grain japonica glutinous rice. The rice is pounded into paste and molded into the desired shape.

But for me, it's just a cute noun I can put in front of the domain so it's much easier to buy.

If you must know though, here's the reverse acronym for Mochi:

M - Multifaceted
O - Omniscient
C - Cognitive
H - Human-like
I - Intelligence